consumption con‧sump‧tion [kənˈsʌmpʆn] noun [uncountable]
1. COMMERCE ECONOMICS the amount of goods, services, energy, or natural materials used in a particular period of time:

• Texas is second only to California in beer consumption.

• Cuban households have been asked to reduce their electricity consumption by 10%.

2. ECONOMICS the act of buying and using products, services etc:

• The spread of mass production, mass consumption and urbanisation have all contributed to the pollution of Lake Biwa.

ˌcapital conˈsumption ECONOMICS
the amount of money spent on buying goods, such as machinery, that are used to produce other goods and products
conˌspicuous conˈsumption ECONOMICS
when consumers buy expensive goods to impress people and show how rich they are:

• Customers might view the purchase of a $300 bottle of wine as conspicuous consumption.

3. ECONOMICS the amount spent on goods by consumers in a particular period of time:

• Developing countries keep their currencies' value low and this allows them to limit consumption and imports and to stimulate exports, investment and growth.

• He recommends a tax system that would tax consumption rather than income.

doˌmestic conˈsumption also ˌhome conˈsumption or inˌternal conˈsumption ECONOMICS
goods and services consumed in the country where they are produced:

• The recovery should be export-led rather than led by domestic consumption.

* * *

   The proportion of national output consumed by individuals and households, in contrast with government consumption, investment and net exports.

* * *

consumption UK US /kənˈsʌmpʃən/ noun [U] ECONOMICS
the act of using, eating, or drinking something, or the amount that is used, etc.: fuel/energy, etc. consumption »

Water transport costs less than road transport, cuts congestion, and reduces energy consumption.

increase/reduce the consumption of sth »

a program designed to increase the consumption of fruit and vegetables by low-income families


As a nation, our consumption of junk food is horrifying.

the process of buying and using goods, or the amount that is bought and used: domestic/home consumption »

Most of our products are made for domestic consumption rather than export.


Increased household wealth is associated with higher personal consumption.

See also CAPITAL CONSUMPTION(Cf. ↑capital consumption), CONSPICUOUS CONSUMPTION(Cf. ↑conspicuous consumption), FINAL CONSUMPTION(Cf. ↑final consumption)

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